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You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! Today’s Water Damage Project


That was the reaction from a client who called us for a toilet overflow that was just to big for her to handle "this time". It was 2:00am when the user of the bathroom flushed the toilet, which clogged and water began to run across the limestone floor and rolled over the limestone entryway and down into the basement. The owners would spend the next 9 hours vacuuming up water with their home carpet cleaner and [...]

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! Today’s Water Damage Project2017-01-19T04:51:52+00:00

Pet Urine Problems & Solutions


It's that time of year when we begin to receive more calls regarding pet urine odor in residential homes. While one may clean the top of the carpeting that does nothing for what is hidden below the surface. Most times with a good flushing through the carpeting and into the padding it can be controlled. Understand that while you may see a small spot on the surface it can be much bigger under the pad where [...]

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Why is My Carpet Crunchy?


Why is My Carpet Crunchy? This is a question many clients who search for carpet cleaning Denver ask. A crunchy or stiff carpet is more than likely from a high PH content in the cleaning solutions that were used. These can be off the shelf at the grocery or discount stores. Yes, some of them are highly recognizable brands. Carpet should be left in a neutral state when any spotting is done. Occasionally when we do [...]

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Master Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning


Master Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning A Cleaner Carpet was started in 1998. A Cleaner Carpet offers the most green and most professional carpet and textile cleaning service in the Denver area. Check in periodically for new carpet, upholstery, spot removal and other cleaning tips.

Master Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning2012-04-28T11:18:57+00:00

How Much Do You Charge for Carpet Cleaning?


How Much Do You Charge for Carpet Cleaning?   This is one question that we answer on a daily basis. As with most service industries the quality of service that you receive is based really on the amount of education, quality of equipment, quality of products and attention to detail. In the Denver Metro area carpet cleaning pricing can vary from whole house cleaning pricing, room pricing, room size pricing to sq ft pricing. The business [...]

How Much Do You Charge for Carpet Cleaning?2012-04-26T11:09:06+00:00

Granite Counter Dull Spots


Marble Counter Dull Spots The dull spots on your otherwise shiny marble countertop can be cause by your dish soap if left too long on the surface. Most household detergents are made with chelating agents made to breakdown minerals (in hard water) like marble. In most cases we can rejuvenate the stone counter, reseal it and restore the shine. For  marble & granite cleaning & sealing in Metro Denver including Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch & Evergreen

Granite Counter Dull Spots2012-04-20T11:12:44+00:00

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor


Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor When preparing a home for sale or rent that has cigarette smoke odors it is important the source of the odor is addressed. I recently was called to investigate as to why a home still smelled of cigarette smoke when the owner had already replace the carpet and painted the walls. Unfortunately the owner had painted all the walls with an eggshell sheen white, the nicotine was already starting to bleed through [...]

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor2012-04-17T11:15:41+00:00

Heavy Rain & Water Damage Denver Metro


Heavy Rain & Water Damage Denver Metro Check out the video we made last spring about Water Damage in Denver Metro. With the heavy rains here it is a great time to clean out your rain gutters. Yes I know you did it in the fall but heavy rains and hail will strip the leaves from trees, fill your gutters and can cause water damage or flooding in your basement. You may not find this damage [...]

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Greener is Delusional


Greener is Delusional It is a paradigm of sorts, the thought that the grass is always greener on the other side. The fact is that where you are standing at the moment is what you make it. If you are willing to throw away everything that you have worked towards for something that seems enchanting you may be severely disappointed. People are always wishing they were in another’s shoes, thinking they are happier and wealthier than [...]

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Holidays and Clean Carpet


As families gather to share a Holiday and celebrate, red wine may be on the table, in the glass and hopefully not a red wine spot on your carpet or furniture. If an accident does happen with a red wine spill, understand that it is a Natural Food Dye, do attempt to clean it up with a store bought, high alkaline cleaner, this makes it much harder to remove. Simply blot with a white towel (do not scrub, this opens [...]

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