Got Carpet Wrinkles, Carpet Bubbles or Carpet Lumps?

Carpet winkles, bubbles or lumps are caused by poor installation, heavy traffic or carpet age. Carpet winkles can be removed by stretching. Denver based A Cleaner Carpet is a professional carpet cleaning company that can stretch your carpet to extend its use and improve appearance. We can also patch or repair with surgical grafts
for small bleach spots or tears in carpet.

A great way to determine if your carpet needs stretching is to grab the carpet and lift it up in the center of the room. If the carpet does not snap back into place, you need to have your carpet re-stretched.

Carpet wrinkles should be taken out for the following reasons:

  • Reason 1: Delaying carpet stretching can lead to permanent damage because the carpet may not ever lay flat again.
  • Reason 2: As people step on the carpet wrinkle, the carpet will eventually crack and rip.
  • Reason 3: Carpet wrinkles, especially for the elderly and small children, are a serious tripping hazard. Do them a favor and get rid of those carpet tripping hazards.

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