Greener is Delusional

It is a paradigm of sorts, the thought that the grass is always greener on the other side. The fact is that where you are standing at the moment is what you make it. If you are willing to throw away everything that you have worked towards for something that seems enchanting you may be severely disappointed.
People are always wishing they were in another’s shoes, thinking they are happier and wealthier than themselves. These ideas are born from not cultivating your own weeds, planting the seeds, trimming and care for the ground on which you base your thoughts.
Success and happiness are the result of training your mind to accept those things you cannot control and work towards an amicable solution. Giving up and throwing away hard work is a last resort.
So it is as business owners that one needs to cultivate, trim, weed and nurture those important client relationships.  We can’t afford to look over the fence for new clients while leaving our current relationships behind. Both require our attention and due diligence.
As consumers we tend to look for the better deal, not so much to save a few dollars, but more than likely to seek a deal that seems so good that the level of service will leave us extremely disappointed.