As families gather to share a Holiday and celebrate, red wine may be on the table, in the glass and hopefully not a red wine spot on your carpet or furniture. If an accident does happen with a red wine spill, understand that it is a Natural Food Dye, do attempt to clean it up with a store bought, high alkaline cleaner, this makes it much harder to remove. Simply blot with a white towel (do not scrub, this opens the fibers and the result what we call shading which looks like wear) after blotting up what you can, it is time to use a protein enzyme to remove the Natural Food Dye. Check the label on the spotter you are using, if you are our client, you should have a bottle of our spotter in your cupboard. Our spotters that we give away with any cleaning have protein enzyme designed to remove red wine and remove other food spills such as cleaning up gravy spots. Pour onto a white towel and then blot the wine spill (do not pour directly onto the wine spot), take your time and keep working it, it will turn dark and then eventually disappear. If you do not have a bottle of spotter, products are available on the web site and through our office. If you are not comfortable removing it yourself or it does not fully disappear we are happy to remove it for you.  Enjoy your Holiday and Celebrate the Season from A Cleaner Carpet LLC & Flood Masters of Colorado, serving our clients in the Denver Metro and Front Range.