How Much Do You Charge for Carpet Cleaning?
This is one question that we answer on a daily basis. As with most service industries the quality of service that you receive is based really on the amount of education, quality of equipment, quality of products and attention to detail. In the Denver Metro area carpet cleaning pricing can vary from whole house cleaning pricing, room pricing, room size pricing to sq ft pricing.
The business models of companies vary as well, some in the industry are called “splash and dash”. These particular companies offer an extremely low price, when they show up the pull the hoses and wand into the house, the cleaning solution is an emulsifier. They start the corner of the house and wand their way to the door. There is no real expertise on removing any red stains or makeup, it is explained that they just won’t come out. The quality of equipment is usually on the low end with a vacuum blower that leaves the carpet a little wetter than you would like.
Another business model would be to offer a low price to get in the door and then the upsale begins. “We are going to have to treat your traffic way with a special pretreatment for an additional cost to remove the dirt”. Of course there are the room pricing deals, however you should understand that the closet or small bath is an additional room and will cost as much as the bigger rooms.
When choosing a Professional Carpet cleaning company in Denver area there are a few criteria you should look for, number one is education on textile cleaning, do they follow a 12 step system. The very first thing that any professional carpet cleaning company should do is vacuum the carpet including around the baseboards whether the homeowner has or not. The reason to pre vacuum is to remove all the dry particulate soil, it is much easier to remove dry then after it has turned to mud. Once it has turned to mud removing it becomes much harder and it is more likely to wick back up as carpet dries from the bottom to the top. Thus when it dries it may look grungy and you wondering what you paid for. Your floor coverings are an investment, make them last longer with regular cleaning.
Tomorrow I will give more information on the subject and will discuss “why is my carpet crunchy?”  Hint:  product, technique and PH of carpet
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