dust mites

As humans we shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute or 1.5 pounds per year for each person living in the home. If a dog or cat is in the home, there is additional dander from them along with their hair and anything they may bring in from the outside.

Dust mites feed on those dead skin cells, bedding, pillows, couches chairs and carpeting are all breeding grounds for dust mites. Colorado is a pretty dry state, however in the winter the furnace kicks on and so does the humidifier attached to that furnace. Dust mites do not drink water like humans, they absorb it from the air. During the winter and spring we tend to sneeze a bit more and that could be from a closed house all winter. Many people say they have seasonal allergies which could be the case, however the fecal waste and dead carcasses from the dust mites could be the cause of some of that sneezing. Ongoing exposure to the dust and dust mites could trigger an asthma attack known as allergic rhinitis along with other potential health issues in those people who are sensitive to the dust mites.

Dust, dead skins cells do not stay airborne for long, they are disturbed by walking on the carpet, sitting on the furniture, making the bed or just rolling while you sleep. Hence you cannot see the dust on fabric surfaces but it is visible on hard surfaces. If there is that much dust on the shelf or table, it is on the furniture and the carpeting. It is in the fabrics of carpeting and furniture where the dust settles that serves as the nest for dust mites. How often did you say you vacuumed?

The fact is only 3% of homeowners have their carpeting professionally cleaned and the average carpet cleaning takes place every 2.5 years. If I just bought a home where someone else was living, shedding their 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every minute along with anyone else walking around in their bare feet or a pet in the home, I am going to ask for a professional IICRC Cleaning Company with Certified Technicians to clean and sanitize my carpeting and air ducts with the deal. It’s always a good time to clean your carpeting and furniture. Love your fresh clean home, we are here to help 303-791-1870.