Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor

When preparing a home for sale or rent that has cigarette smoke odors it is important the source of the odor is addressed.
I recently was called to investigate as to why a home still smelled of cigarette smoke when the owner had already replace the carpet and painted the walls. Unfortunately the owner had painted all the walls with an eggshell sheen white, the nicotine was already starting to bleed through the paint and he did not address the tar that was on the ceiling.
The cupboards in the kitchen still had tar buildup not so much on the inside but the outside of the cabinets still reeked of odor and you could actually feel the tar on them.
A key point in the cleanup is the duct work as the smoke and tar have built up over the years and is now acting like a glue to hold all the dust and debris.  The furnace and the return vents, ducts and trunks all need to be cleaned, sanitized and treated with a product designed to either bond with the smoke molecules or change the molecular structure.
Ozone is a good choice in treating the home; no one can be in the home while a quality ozone unit is used for health reasons. But unless you actually clean up, wipe down the cabinets, cleanup the walls and seal the walls and ceiling there will always be that hint of cigarette smell in the home.
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