Why is My Carpet Crunchy?
This is a question many clients who search for carpet cleaning Denver ask. A crunchy or stiff carpet is more than likely from a high PH content in the cleaning solutions that were used. These can be off the shelf at the grocery or discount stores. Yes, some of them are highly recognizable brands.
Carpet should be left in a neutral state when any spotting is done. Occasionally when we do carpet cleaning in Denver the next day there is a stiffening of the fibers in spots or even sometimes the whole room.  As carpet dries from the bottom to the top, any cleaning product that was not neutralized or just was simply a high ph content will wick back up from the bottom, so that when it dries it has that crunchy carpet feel. This condition can be corrected. High ph content will result in the carpet attracting dirt much faster. Not good after hours of cleaning.
When using a store-bought cleaner, most have a tendency to keep going over and over the traffic lane of the carpet because it still looks dirty.  Fact is that if it doesn’t look clean after your first two passes, there is probably another issue causing the look. It more than likely is what we call shading, a dulling of the fiber and a distortion of light reflection. I will touch on this subject in a future blog as it is hard to explain. We do offer free estimates and can do a detailed analysis of your carpeting or area rug if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Denver.
When you are trying to clean up a spot, do not scrub on the carpet. Find a neutral spotter, pour onto a clean white cloth and blot. Continue the procedure until you have removed the spot. HOWEVER, be aware that certain types of spots that are oil based such as lipstick, make-up and shoe polish should never be attempted to remove with a water based product as you will more than likely take a spot and turn in into a permanent stain. You need a solvent based product to remove them. Spot the same way using an aerosol type of hair spray, not a pump type, do not spray directly onto the spot, spray it onto a cloth and blot not scrub. We are more than happy to answer questions about spotting and carpet cleaning in Denver. Please look to our website or future blogs to touch on this subject.
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When choosing a spotter for carpet cleaning in Denver, always look for a neutral spotter. These are available on our website at acleanercarpet.net.