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Greener is Delusional


Greener is Delusional It is a paradigm of sorts, the thought that the grass is always greener on the other side. The fact is that where you are standing at the moment is what you make it. If you are willing to throw away everything that you have worked towards for something that seems enchanting you may be severely disappointed. People are always wishing they were in another’s shoes, thinking they are happier and wealthier than [...]

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Holidays and Clean Carpet


As families gather to share a Holiday and celebrate, red wine may be on the table, in the glass and hopefully not a red wine spot on your carpet or furniture. If an accident does happen with a red wine spill, understand that it is a Natural Food Dye, do attempt to clean it up with a store bought, high alkaline cleaner, this makes it much harder to remove. Simply blot with a white towel (do not scrub, this opens [...]

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Flood Masters of Colorado


Flood Masters of Colorado Most water damage comes from broken water pipes, refrigerator leaks, and washing machine overflows. The water damage mitigation process has come a long way over the last decade. Flood Masters of Colorado uses Thermal Energy System (TES) technology to dry out wet carpet, wet carpet pad, wet drywall, and wet ceilings rather than de-humidifiers and air movers. TES is a superior technology because wet materials be dried in place within as little [...]

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Green Solutions for Your Home or Office


Green Solutions for Your Home or Office We offer the most green carpet cleaning, water mitigation and bed bug extermination solutions available in Denver. A Cleaner Carpet uses the most environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean and rinse the carpet, textiles and upholstery found in most homes and offices. Flood Masters of Colorado uses Thermal Energy Systems (TES) to dry carpet, carpet padding and drywall before mold can start to grow from water damage. No mold [...]

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