Day after day you walk across your tile floor without a thought of the soil that is slowly building up. Then one day you notice the tile in your pantry or along the edge of an area you rarely walk is significantly different looking than that in the rest of the room.

Fortunately, if you live in Denver, A Cleaner Carpet can solve this issue for you quickly. No need to worry about spending hours scrubbing grout lines with unsafe chemicals. In most cases, our technicians can use Green Balance Tile and Stone Cleaner to safely clean your tile floors. If your tile grout has not been sealed recently we can handle that also.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles and Grout including the cleaning shower tile and grout is a must to keep the grout or stone tiles from mildew growth and permanent staining.

Natural Stone Honing, Polishing, Cleaning, and Sealing

Natural stone floors constructed of marble and travertine are prone to etching from the acids in foods and cleaning agents commonly found in the home. To protect your natural stone floors in Denver, call A Cleaner Carpet. We offer stone floor honing, polishing, cleaning, and sealing services to make your floors shiny and beautiful.

We invite you to call A Cleaner Carpet today to enjoy unparalleled tile, grout, and stone floor cleaning and first-rate customer satisfaction. Contact A Cleaner Carpet by email or call 303-791-1870.