When your flooded home needs water damage cleanup, wet carpet water removal, drying wet wood floors, drying flooded basement, or drying wet layers of tile/stone floors, Flood Master of Colorado water extraction experts will get your home or business back to pre-loss condition fast.

Most emergency water damage comes from broken water pipes, refrigerator leaks, and washing machine overflows. These can be dried, including wet carpet, wet carpet pad, wet drywall, and wet ceilings, in as little as 30 hours using our Thermal Energy System (TES) process. We can dry water-damaged wood floors, buckled wood floors, wet tile floors, and wet stone floors in as little as 72 hours. Sometimes no wood floor repairs are necessary. Check out our video on hardwood floor drying, from cupped to flat using the fast-drying TES water damage system.

TES works great for drying flood damage and preventing mold mitigation because it dries your home or office space before mold can set in. Please click here for more information about what you should do if you see or smell mold in your house.

Fresh water-damaged carpet in some cases can be dried in place without removal saving wet carpet padding. Saving wet carpets and padding is one of the benefits of our water damage services. Fast drying means no chance for water damage to turn into mold growth. Most times water damaged drywall from a freshwater loss can be dried without removal as long as it has not been sitting wet for too long.  Most companies will remove water-damaged drywall areas and take weeks to repair them. Using our heat process for drywall drying avoids no mold growth from hidden moisture.

Choose a water damage company that teaches the insurance agents/adjusters and realtors about the latest in drying technology. We have CE credits for continuing education classes for these professionals where we show how to prevent mold growth by drying most water damages with “The World’s Fastest Drying System” TES.

Flood Masters of Colorado is Denver’s water damage expert. From water damage drying to water damage restoration, we are the water damage specialists you should call. A good water damage mitigation result depends on a thorough water damage inspection and fast drying. A quick drying process means you get your life back to normal in just a few days not weeks.

Flood Masters of Colorado is Denver’s water damage expert. If you have a water damage emergency, email or call 303-862-3254 for a fast response.